Qidu Pharmaceutical Group held its 9th delegation meeting
Column:Company News Time:2018-05-26
On May 26, the Ninth Congress of the Communist Youth League Qidu Pharmaceutical Group was held in Room 611 of the Science and Technology Building.

On  May 26, the Ninth Congress of the Communist Youth League Qidu  Pharmaceutical Group was held in Room 611 of the Science and Technology  Building. The  meeting summed up the work of the Communist Youth League and young  people of the group during the past period, researched and determined  the guiding ideology and mission of the future work, and elected the  Ninth Committee of Qidu Pharmaceutical Group of the Communist Youth  League. Zhang  Gang, secretary of Lintong District Committee of the Communist Youth  League attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wu Qingming,  secretary of the Communist Youth League Youth League Committee, Wu  Shouming, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, and Cui Liangfeng, a  young member of the Party Committee, attended the meeting. Li Fuhai, the  eighth secretary of the Youth League Committee, made "Enhance the work  of the Communist Youth League. Commando Spirit, Work to Struggle for a Breakthrough in the Transformation and Development of Qidu Pharmaceutical. The meeting was chaired by the group party committee member and human resources director. A total of 130 members of the group's systems and subsidiaries participated in the conference.
       In  his speech, Zhang Gang expressed warm congratulations on behalf of the  Communist Youth League Lintong District Committee to the convening of  the General Assembly, and extended sincere gratitude to the leaders at  all levels of the group who have long valued, cared for and supported  the work of the Communist Youth League and young people, and extended  sincere greetings to the majority of the Youth League members. He  fully affirmed the positive contributions made by the Qidu  Pharmaceutical Group Youth League Committee in recent years for the  healthy development of the company and its exemplary role in the urban  area. He  put forward three hopes for the young members of the group members,  first of all, to strengthen their ideals and convictions, to fight for  young people who have pursued and brave their work in the new era,  followed by young people who are determined to fight for the new era and  dare to take on the merits; Struggle as a youth in a new era of civilization and uprightness. In  the name of youth and responsibility for development, the officer will  start a business, build a career, and write a more magnificent song of  youth!
       In  his speech, Wu Shouming recalled the important role played by the  majority of the young members of the league in the development of  enterprises. The party committee on behalf of the group proposed ideals,  pursuits, and accomplishments for the youth in the new era, seeking  truthful knowledge, clarifying the truth, and acting as real people. New requirements for staff, officers and staff. He put forward four opinions on the work of the new Communist Youth League Committee. The first is to clarify his position. As  an assistant and reserve force for the Party and administrative work of  the Group, the youth of the Youth League united and led the team  members to practise the culture of arduous pioneering work and give full  play to the youth commando team role in the production and operation of  the Communist Youth League. The second is to strengthen organizational development. We  will study and optimize the functions of the League Committee's organs  and strengthen the building of the grassroots league branch. The third is to highlight the focus of work. Focusing  on the overall situation of corporate transformation and development,  and focusing on serving young employees, we will continue to raise the  level of work. The fourth is to explore long-term mechanisms. Study  and formulate the five-year plan for the Communist Youth League and  youth work, determine the principles, goals, measures, management,  assessment, etc., actively explore new mechanisms for the work of the  Communist Youth League in the new situation, and make due contribution  to the overall situation of the reform, development, and stability of  the enterprise.
      In  the report, Li Fuhai reviewed the historical development of the  Communist Youth League of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the work of  the past period, and he put forward overall opinions and goals for the  next five years of work. He  pointed out that in the new era, the Communist Youth League and youth  work of enterprises should grasp “one overall situation”, highlight “two  priorities”, achieve “three upgrades” and strengthen “four guarantees”,  that is, the overall situation of the reform and development of  enterprises; focus on youth The  employees’ ideological education guides and focuses on serving the  growth and development of young workers; comprehensively enhances the  cohesiveness of the group's Youth League Committee, comprehensively  enhances the combat effectiveness of the group's branch and team, and  comprehensively enhances the youthful vitality of the majority of the  young members of the league based on their own merits and  responsibilities; and organizes guarantees, institutional guarantees,  and team support. Activity guarantee. He  said on behalf of the new committee that he should serve the youth  wholeheartedly, influence the youth, be the youth example, and take “the  urgency of the Party and the government, the needs of the young, and  the Communist Youth League” as the starting point and end result of the  work, and further unite to lead the group's vast number of members. The  young people are really hard-working and brave enough to strive for the  first time. They are striving to promote the fundamental breakthroughs  in the transformation and development of Qidu Pharmaceutical's new and  old kinetic energy.
       Li  Fuhai, Zhang Xiao, Ji Hongtao, Ren Yitong, Wang Tiantong, Yang Xiaoyan,  Xie Peng, Qu Xiaoyan, Tian Meng, Yu Chunxiao, and Liu Yunjuan were  elected members of the Ninth Communist Youth League Committee. The  9th Communist Youth League Committee held its first meeting and elected  Li Fuhai as secretary, and Zhang Xiao and Ji Hongtao as deputy  secretaries. (Ji Hongtao)