Qidu Pharmaceutical Public Examination Selects Young Reserve cadres
Column:Company News Time:2018-05-23

From  May 11 to May 25, through written examinations, pleadings, democratic  appraisals, and organization visits, 40 employees selected Qi Duo  Pharmaceutical Group’s pharmacovigilance management, quality management,  process management, and equipment management positions through young  reserve cadres. The 21 employees were identified as key training targets for young reserve cadres.
      Ten years of grinding a sword. The  public examinations selected young reserve cadres for work. After ten  years of exploration and development, a long-term mechanism has been  formed for the selection, discovery, and reserve of talents. The first is the program specification. Written  tests, interviews, democratic assessments, organizational interviews,  and public announcements are scientific, standardized, and rigorous. The second is openness and fairness. Selection  conditions are open, positions are open, selection methods are made  public, examination scope is made public, and work transparency is  enhanced. The third is dynamic management. Taking  the “periodic inspection” and “dynamic management” as the starting  point, a dynamic mechanism for the survival of the fittest and the  fittest of the young reserve cadres has been formed. The fourth is training to become talented. Adhere  to the principle of "alternative integration," and through various  forms and multi-level job training, effectively enable reserve cadres to  exercise and grow rapidly. Fifth, innovation and promotion. Continuously  broaden the selection field, highlight professional orientation, focus  on practical applications, introduce bilingual levels, formulate growth  plans, and increase cultural identity.
       In  the past decade, with the rapid growth of the number of new products,  production capacity of main products, and market share, Qidu  Pharmaceutical has increasingly demanded more talents, and has  increasingly demanded the quality of cadres. Public  examinations to select young reserve cadres, on the one hand, broaden  the selection channels for talents on the one hand, and on the other  hand provide frontline employees with opportunities for fair  competition, which greatly stimulates the enthusiasm of the majority of  young employees to study hard and actively work for the development of  enterprises. Created a reserve army with high quality, strong ability and hard style. More  than 200 young employees who met the criteria of “revolution,  youthfulness, knowledge, and specialization” successively took up  management positions and professional and technical positions through  the selection of reserve cadre exams, of which 64 people had grown into  middle and senior management personnel. Effective  selection has important practical significance and far-reaching  historical significance for supporting enterprise scale development,  enhancing comprehensive management, strengthening the building of  cadres, fostering excellent corporate culture, and promoting the  transformation and development of enterprises.

                                                                                                                                                                                             (Li Fuhai)