Qidu Pharmaceutical Group held a brand promotion meeting
Column:Company News Time:2018-04-29
On April 29, Qidu Pharmaceutical Group held a brand promotion meeting.

On April 29, Qidu Pharmaceutical Group held a brand promotion meeting. Chairman  Zheng Jiaqing attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wu Shouming,  deputy secretary of the Party Committee, presided over the meeting.  Group leaders and company leaders Zhang Jianli, Wu Shouming, Yan Zhang,  Zhang Jianyong, Zhang Qing, Yang Jing, Dong Xu, Zheng Xiaoning, and Qi  Lin attended the meeting. A  total of more than 40 people in charge of the leading cadres and  relevant departments of the brand construction department of the  Director General and above attended the meeting.
In  his speech, Zheng Jiaqing briefly reviewed Qidu Pharmaceutical's brand  building development history and put forward new requirements for brand  building work in the coming period. He  said that the brand is not only a business card for companies to  participate in market competition, but also a symbol of a company's  overall strength. Qidu  Pharmaceutical must strengthen the brand awareness of all employees and  increase the brand building work to the strategic level of enterprise  development. He put forward four requirements for brand building work. The first is to improve the brand building goal of the company. Accelerate  the promotion of corporate brands to advance into the excellent brands  of China's pharmaceutical industry and well-known brands in the world  infusion industry. The second is to increase product brand cultivation. Further  consolidate the basic management of the enterprise, handle all issues  affecting the brand image of the product, improve the brand image,  expand brand influence, and strive to build a high-quality product  brand. The third is to emphasize and strengthen the differentiation strategy. To  seize opportunities for national policies in the research and  development of innovative drugs and generic drugs, and accelerate the  development of a number of distinctive innovative drugs and generic  drugs. At  the same time, we accelerated the pace of upgrading in terms of drug  packaging materials and packaging forms, and continuously introduced  people with Qidu brand characteristics that I did not have. The fourth is to build the core competitiveness. Not  only do we have a good grasp of R&D, production, marketing, and  other aspects of forging hard power; we must also increase academic  exchange, after-sales service, and the quality of professional talents  to continuously improve our soft power. He  emphasized that all systems and units must, on the basis of this  meeting, take the department as the unit and combine business practice  to fully study the core competitiveness and differentiated advantages of  this department, identify the key tasks, grasp the main contradictions,  and solve the fundamental problems. Every  employee of Qidu Pharmacy united their thoughts and actions to the  height of brand building. Everyone strived to be the communicator and  promoter of Qidu brand, to open up the last mile of brand building, and  to take practical actions in The brand added points to help the development of the company.
        The  marketing director Gong Weizheng’s brand building report includes four  aspects: theory, action, work promotion mechanism, and recent key work. He  introduced the relationship between brand management and the management  of various departments through definition, concept development, and  architectural model; he made expectations and requirements for relevant  departments of brand building by clarifying strategic consistency and  quantifying key indicators; from organizational guarantees and meetings.  In  terms of decision-making, planning tracking, training rationalization,  evaluation incentives, and knowledge sharing, the company introduced the  construction of the brand building promotion mechanism; it focused on  the planned marketing of its products, brand product marketing programs,  product packaging upgrades, and media publicity, and deployed recent  brands. Construction key work and time nodes. He  finally advocated that Qidu and Xiu should be self-employed, and  everyone should devote themselves to brand building work to promote the  brand strategy.
      Director  of New Drug Sales Bai Peng, Director of Oral Formulation Sales  Department, Director of Investment Promotion Zheng Weihua, Executive  Deputy Director of the Institute Wang Peng, and Director of Technical  Quality Assurance Department Xu Wendong successively focused on brand  building theory and actions, marketing, quality, and research and  development. Special Report.