Qidu Pharmaceutical held a marketing conference
Column:Company News Time:2018-02-21
On February 21, Qidu Pharmaceutical's marketing work conference for 2018 was held to summarize 2017 work and deploy 2018 tasks.

The  meeting reviewed the business performance and major work in 2017. Faced  with severe challenges such as drug procurement, the use of links in  the clinical direction, tight competition in drug R&D, production,  and other issues, all personnel in the marketing system resisted stress  and emerged powerfully. Combat power. The  product market structure was further optimized, high-value-added  products continued to increase volume; market access was fruitful, the  overall successful rate was 90%, and the successful rate of key products  was 95%; brand building achieved breakthroughs, and new corporate and  product products received a number of national-level honors; The  disposal mechanism was gradually perfected, strengthening the  responsibility of the first-line market for complaints in response to  emergency disposal; the initial success of the marketing reform,  covering institutional functions, selection of cadres, team building,  and new drug terminal sales model; team building is always unremitting,  classified training, comprehensive evaluation, specialization Clear thinking, punctuation, warmhearted care, "home culture" take root. All  employees of the marketing frontline were fully over-fulfilled with  annual tasks with a “response completion rate of 107.41%, cumulative  accrual rate of 100.08%, and a growth rate of 22.84%”.

Wu  Shouming requires that in the new year, the marketing system should  fully tighten the theme of transformation and development, closely  follow the "14-40" general requirements and the annual policy  objectives, and promote the implementation of strategic goals and  enhance profitability. Attention must be paid during work. Highlight five key points: First, in-depth exploration of potential, clear indicators to implement the growth point. The second is profit orientation, consolidating the foothold of transformation and development. The third is a high degree of vigilance, and there are risk points for preventing and controlling hidden dangers. Fourth, market orientation, identify the starting point for supporting the front line. The fifth is to make unremitting efforts and insist on the focus of the team to win. Wu Shouming stressed that the beginning is a decisive battle, and the beginning must be spelled. This  meeting is the starting point of the marketing system in the new year.  All members of the marketing system must recognize the situation, unify  the thinking, and resolutely win the faith, and continue to carry  forward the spirit of fighting hardships, hardships, and hardships. Comprehensive  mobilization, hard work, courageously rush to the front, and strive to  create a new situation in all aspects of work! On  the basis of the highest monthly record of shipments in January, we  will continue to work hard to achieve the goal of fully fulfilling the  full year's mission and achieve the 20th anniversary of the  restructuring of Qidu Pharmaceutical. This will be Qidu Pharmaceutical's  transformation and development. Bigger and stronger, make persistent efforts, and create new achievements!

The  conference commended the advanced collectives and individuals of the  marketing system in 2017. Model Li Xiuli, advanced engineering personals  Wang Yong, top ten outstanding sales managers Yang Zhen, top ten sales  freshman Xu Daobin, and top ten service star Cao Wen represented  advanced individuals. Typical presentations, statements made by various directors and department managers of marketing systems.
(Lu Haiyan)