Group Party Committee Held 2017 Annual Democratic Life Conference
Column:Company News Time:2018-03-23
On March 23rd, Qidu Pharmaceutical Group party committee held the 2017 annual democratic life meeting.

At  the meeting, Zheng Jiaqing, party secretary of the Party Committee,  conducted a comparative inspection on behalf of the team. He examined  the implementation of the issue, analyzed the causes, and formulated the  measures. He carefully studied and implemented Xi Jinping’s socialist  ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and carefully  implemented the decisions of the Party Central Committee and provincial  and municipal committees, and took the lead. The  reporting system was requested to be loyal and honest to the party, to  assume responsibility, to overcome difficulties, not to evade the  problem, to correct the "four trends" and to strictly implement the six  principles of honesty and self-discipline. In  response to the problems existing in the construction of the party and  government leadership, in conjunction with the new requirements of the  party committee at the central and local levels, the new situation and  the new situation, combined with the actual situation of the production  and management, reform and development and team building, he put forward  four opinions and requests to the members of the leadership team. . The first is to strengthen the initial awareness of the heart. We  must never forget that we are a Communist Party member and a party  cadre. When we are sworn by the party flag and when the organization  promotes and reuses, what do we think about it? The second is to strengthen the sense of responsibility. We  must never forget how a party cadre is responsible for the party's  organization. As a leading cadre, it should be responsible for the  reform and development of the enterprise and the unity of the team. The third is to strengthen disciplinary awareness. The  more leading cadres, especially their higher-level positions, the  longer the time they serve, the more they need to be clear-headed, and  they must be strict with themselves in terms of work discipline,  organizational discipline, integrity and discipline, maintenance of the  overall situation, and team solidarity. The fourth is to cultivate hard style. The  task of enterprise management and development is very onerous. The  central and party committees at all levels are increasingly stricter  with the requirements of party members and leading cadres. Everyone must  firmly establish entrepreneurial confidence, zipping, and hard work,  keeping up with corporate development and social change. The situation created a splendid achievement worthy of history.

Zheng  Jiaqing emphasized that 2018 is the 42nd anniversary of the  establishment of Qidu Pharmaceutical and the 20th anniversary of  restructuring. The  Party Committee of the Group must conscientiously study and implement  the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress and the speeches of General  Secretary Xi Jinping's series of speeches, unite and lead all party  members and a large number of cadres and workers, and must unswervingly  grasp the implementation of tasks for this year’s work, and go all out  to sprint 3 billion yuan in sales targets. ,  Opened three new ventures for the enterprise, played a good role in the  transformation of kinetic energy, promoted the company's operational  quality, profitability, and management level to upgrade, and celebrated  its 20th anniversary with the best historical results.

Before  the meeting, the party committee of the group issued an opinion  solicitation form and asked the party members and the workers and the  masses for the opinions of the party branch. After the collection, they  collected 21 opinions and suggestions on the party committee of the  group, and 23 opinions and suggestions on the members of the group.

                           (Zhang Zhihua)